Inkling [Antler Volume 3] (High Horse, 2018)

Ogygia [Lake Mallory] (CD, High Horse, 2017)

Last Year's Man: A Baltimore Tribute to Leonard Cohen, Lake Mallory / various artists / produced by Greg Hatem (2017)

Delta Ex [Antler Vol 2]  (CD, High Horse, 2016)

A History of Freefall 
[Antler Vol 1] (High Horse, 2015)  

Verse (vinyl and CD, Cuneiform Records, 2014)

Unsung Stories from Lilly's Days as a Solar Astronaut (CD, MT6 Records, 2010)

Summer Electra (CD, High Horse, 2010)

Taps (EP, High Horse, 2007)

Metasonic (CD, High Horse, 2006)

Polla Ta Deina (self-released CD, 2004)

Scape (self-released EP and cassette, 2003)

Bricks To Butterflies (EP with Jackson O'Brien and Joe Gulhagen [The Seven Days], 2002)


Jonathan Badger is a guitarist, composer and video artist based in Baltimore.  He studied composition with Stephen Jaffe, Scott Lindroth and John Harbison at Duke University.  He also studied in Guitar Craft, a tradition founded and guided by Robert Fripp. JB's work ranges from postrock sludge to neobaroque chamber music.  A sample of recent chamber works can be found here.   In live performance his compositions and improvisations show themselves in electronic garb, all the while maintaining the character of solo guitar.  Often his performances include the use of jitterful video projection.  He is also one half of the electropop duo Lake Mallory, and he produces and performs in the electro-acoustic project Antler.  His most recent performance outfit is All the Clouds Turn to Words with guitarist Adrian Bond.  JB teaches at St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland.



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